Fundamentals of Canoeing


Dates Orientation:   May 27th, 2015,  7-9 pm  (MANDATORY)

Location:                  Training Center, New City

Dates on Water:     June 6th & 7th (Sat. & Sun.) 9am-5pm,

Location:                 Camp Addisone Boyce, Tomkins Cove, NY

Level:       Cadette (7th Grade) and older, Adults

Description:     Learn the basics of flat-water canoeing, paddling strokes along with safety and rescue techniques, and an excellent introduction to canoeing skills for older girls interested in becoming Kamikaze Kanoers at a later date.  The course is a mandatory orientation session and two days of on-the-water skills work. 

Cost:        $20                   

Register:  Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson

Contact:     Volunteer Trainer Lois Gesner at or call 845-753-2151

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